Before it became a part of the Dixie Highway (the fine, hard-surfaced road running from Chicago to Florida) there was in Cobb County, an old wagon road which varied from a gummy mass of red clay in wet weather, to a choking cloud of dust in dry spells.

An interurban electric line had been built connecting Atlanta and Marietta some eighteen miles apart. Some sparce residential development began to spring up along its path. Despite the lack of city conveniences, people began to find that Cobb County was a better place for families with children than the crowded city.

As more and more homes were built, it became evident that these families were in need of some sort of community religious center. Because of the inconvenient schedules of street cars to Atlanta, Marietta and even Smyrna churches, the need for a new church was urgent.

Toward the end of May 1912, plans began to take shape for providing a religeous center for this community. A little old log cabin right on the edge of the road seemed a good and convenient location and this suggested the original name, Log Cabin Union Sunday School. The name was later changed to "Log Cabin Community Sunday School" and finally to our current name, "Log Cabin Community Church."

To grow into a large organization has never been the aim of Log Cabin. However, through the years modest changes were made to provide for the increase in membership. The original Cabin was used from 1912 to 1919, then a second, larger Cabin was constructed in 1919 just a few feet from the original. The first building has been restored and is being used today for the Cabin's Historical Display.

Today's beautiful stone structure was built in 1949 in the same location, using the same building scale. Other present-day buildings include the Reception Hall and a smaller structure provided for the Scouts.